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How to Cash out Your Entrecard EC.

If you are Entrecard member and been participate in the community, you have a change to earn money from your Entrecard EC.I say stand a change because it determine by “community support” algorithm in order to convert your EC to money/dollar via The Entrecard CashOut program.

The CashOut program is an Entrecard initiative designed to "buy back" Entrecard credits from members using part of the revenues the Entrecard paid ad network generates.

How to Cash out Your Entrecard EC.

Step 1.

Log in to your dashboard and Signing up the CashOut program.

How to Cash out Your Entrecard EC

Important: You must provide the information below, accurately, in order to be approved as a CashOut participant. Entrecard will not accept false information.And i have found that it's no where to change the PayPal account once sign up,no even check which PayPal account id you used!

Entrecard has been advised that it is necessary to hold this information on CashOut participants in order to satisfy US tax and monetary law. According to them, this information will keep completely private, except as required by US federal and state law in the appropriate jurisdiction.

After Signing up the CashOut program you'll get this massage.

"Cashout application waiting"

Your CashOut application is awaiting approval.It may take a few days for your application to be processed.
How to Cash out Your Entrecard EC
Bear in mind acceptance doesn't guarantee Entrecard will pay you money.It simply means the system will consider you as a source of credits to purchase. The algorithm that makes decisions as to who to purchase from considers a number of factors, both user and funds related, and is subject to change.
Step 2

After received approval from ECard,you can try to Cashout your Entrecard credits by Transfering your CashOut balance to your Acc.
Make Money Entrecard EC

Click on the "Cashout transfer" for cashing out the EC.Currently value at $1 for every 1,000 EC .

 payment from Entrecard EC

If you cashout request approved ,they will sent you an email telling you that the money has been deposited to your PayPal .The PayPal that you registed in step 1.

Paypal entrecard

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Update 1:
Entrecard Acquired by Ziprunner
Updated 2:Paid Ads Credit Cashout Program Terminated

2 111 comments:
Scarlett said...

Hi, Thank you for the information.
I followed your instruction, I tried to search "sign up for CashOut" in the dasboard of entrecard (above the Apply coupon, right?), but there's no link for "sign up for cashout" in the dashboard.
What can I do?

Admin said...

Entrecard has been Acquired by Ziprunner and the button has been removed,let's wait "what next" from the new management.

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