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Your Time with entrecard

.."yeah right. Entrecard is another one that soon you will see fade to the past"

If you search "entrecard"on Google ,the top rank is ,following by someone who estimated the fad for the Entrecard should be gone in six months or less ,the post posted on Dec 12, 2007.It been almost 2 years and today yes,we still be able to log in to entrecard .

top entrecard
I think he got his points,but he might forgot the fact that not every blogger just care about make money online.

Keep this in mind, entrecard is not the right place for you to make direct money,and
you really doesn't need to worry Entrecard is another one that soon fade to the past!You pay nothing to have a entrecard, treat it like a place you meet your friend ,a social place,a playground,yeah everything fade out,what last forever you answer me?...

Who care its "re-hash from the past".

Nothing last forever,the most important thing is you enjoy it when it still "alive".You have a great time,like the music of MJ,it's in your memory.

I would like to have your opinions,write your though about EC and link back to me from your post .I will add your post below this post.

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