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Paid By EntreCard Cash Out Program

Few days ago i wrote about the Entrecard Paid Ads Credit Cashout Program Terminated

According to the Entrecard's new management ZipRunner Inc.They will refund the remaining funds earning from the “paid ads” to its members/users,based on a""first-come, first-served" basis.

If you doubt the new Entrecard really sending out the payment.Well i am one of the lucky guy who received the money from the Eentrecard Cashout Program! Below is the Payment proof:

entrecard payment proof

Cash out $10 USD for 10k EC credits .

How to Cash out Your Entrecard EC
I requested the Cash out before Entrecard Acquired by Ziprunner.

Now if you're not receiving any money from the last batch of "credit cashout program.Don't depress,your EC won't just wasted like that.Instead,it can bring you some rewards and values.

You can use it to promote your site and furthermore you can participate in the entrecard marketplace.The marketplace has variety of service and goodies you can buy,and the currency they use to trade is "EC".

It really no need to worry is entrecard a scam.Like it or not,its a social networks place ,and you spend nothing on it.

Did you make money from entrecard?

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2 111 comments:
Seven Jeans said...

Is this a real program or a generic one like we see often in the internet

Admin said...

It's real ..

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