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What Exactly you Get from Entrecard?

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 There are a few things that should probably be taken into consideration before you spending you time on socialize you blog with social network like Entrecard.

What Exactly you Get from Entrecard?

What is Entrecard ?Entrecard is a Free Advertising Networks.Previously ,1 EC  will be given to the dropper who drop on your blog at the same time you received one EC.You can the earned EC to advertise on others blog with entrecared widgets installed or participate in the market place.

However,according to,currently there are no longer give Entrecard credits to the person receiving a drop.IT mean when someone visit your blog and drop an entrecard, 1 credit will be given to the dropper, you get nothing.

 Should You Use Entrecard?
It's your responsibility to make the droppers stay by producing a valuable content to your visitors.The first being your purpose of blogging.Assuming Entrecard is a business cards,it would be wise to only think it is only a tool,a media, which do not contain anything then promoting your blog to others in your blog topic in particular.You may heard someone said it's useless crap that you only can use it to communicate with close friends and family,but that not true.You CAN use it for business communications purpose. You can probably treat it as a advertisement platform if use it right.

There is also a distinct possibility that you have signed up for more social networks than you can keep up with, and in this case, it is probably a good idea to only include the social networks that you frequently attend. You wouldn't joint and let it abandon and you no longer use ,wouldn't you?

The point is, programs like entrecards and others social networks are a networking tools. Use them to promoting your blog.It's not for you to make money,use them to let others blogger know about your blog,your blog is bound to benefit from it. The more ways of communication you provide, the more accessible your blog is.

I really get nothing when you drop entrecard on this blog.I just hope you enjoy your stay and before you go if you have time,visit others blog from our links and directory,spend some time on listening to what others blogger say,because every blogger who write their own content deserve it.Drop And Stay...

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