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whats entrecard sponsor ads

How different is entrecard now from what it was few years ago?

The ads that appear on your widget
Entrecard is supported by sponsors. 15% of Entrecard ad network is reserved for sponsors.

It mean out of 100 impressions /page load on your EC ads widget 15 will be the sponsor ads.The rest will be the blogger who paid you to advertise on your blog .Basically there are 2 type of sponsor ads that will appear on your EC widget .
  • Ads that links back to
  • Ads is promoting EC sponsor ads.
Note that there is some differences between “Entrecard Sponsor ads” and “Entrecard Paid ads”?

They are the same in term of entrecard serve ads to“Sponsors” as a revenue model. “Sponsor ads”take up to 15% inventory compare to 50% with the '"paid ads".

Previously you can reject all the “Paid ads”from the dashboard,but now you can't reject all the ads from “Sponsor ads”,you will have an option to decline 4 Sponsor ads that you think it will conflicts with your blog.

You can view the list of sponsors by logging in to your dashboard,click on the “sponsors ads” link.From there you can disable one of the ads  by clicking the button below the image.

Running Sponsor Ads
Rejected Ads
 Those ads with the symbol    will run on 15% of your widget impressions in circulation.

If you wish to opt-out completely, you can pay a monthly fee by  subscribing to Entrecard!You can subscribe under the“Sponsor ads”link located at your entrecard dashboard.The rate refer below.

If you don't like those ads appear on your blog you can pay to be a Subscriber.Subscribers do not have any sponsor ads running on their widget.
  • 12 month subscription for $48.00
  • 1 month subscription for $5.00
It's now clearly stated that you CAN'T 100% control who's ad appears on your entrecard widget.If those 15% ad inventory to serve sponsors is upsetting you.You can always remove the entrecard Ads widget and quite.

 Remember,you use entrecard ,entrecard use you .It's business.It's up to you to the determined whats the best things and what strategies that can add value to your Blog .

Think it's your support to monthly administrative and operating expenses to serve thousands of entrecard users.In business point of view,It must also generate a healthy return for the owners investment.

p/s :I have no choice since this blog registered as: .

You can try some alternative way to get more visitors especially writting good content.In fact,everytime i posted a good content,i find that StumbleUpon easily brings me thousand of visitors to my blog. So,spent some time on your blog content.

You can also try service like Adgitize, Project Wonderful, CMF Ads, and most importantly search engines SEO. to get more free click to your blog.

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