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Entrecard Cheap Sales Ads

Don't be surprise if entrecard letting you know they have some sort of "super special promotion" on their network...

Now you can put your ad across entire entrecard blog network with a total of 40,000 ad impressions for just $10.Remember what i said about the Entrecard sponsor ads? If you buy it ,your ads gonna show on entire entrecard members blog,the blog that has entrecard widget installed (that's you and me).Note that the blog owner earned nothing.


According to entrecard ,the usual price is $25, so there are cutting over 60% of their price!Well, It gonna need us "contribute"more since the ads will display on our blog....

As far as i know those blog who "still" have entrecard widget installed are the blog who already accept "sponsor ads"is a way for them to show support for the growth of Entrecard.But i really think if the cost of ads is too low ,the quality and the standard of the advertiser will effected.

For me,i think it just a marketing trick used by entrecarad to attract more advertiser,others reason could be simply because no one or very few gonna buy at the price of $25.So,If you got $10 to spare and need more visits to your site/blog, take advantage of this "Cheap "offer ! offer expires soon.(and back again)

p/s:I really don't like those sponsor Ads!!
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