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Are You 100,000 EC Rich Entrecard'ers?

You can be a MILLIONAIRE if you spending you time on the web and working very hard on learning how to make money online.There is no limit how much money you can earn from internet.You work for it then you can earn money from it.You become richer and richer through hard work(and smart work),that's what happening on internet,everyone has a change to be a MILLIONAIRE,if not billionaire.unfortunately that's not gonna happened on Entrecard's world, not even virtually.

100,000 EC cap!
Several changes has been made since Entrecard Acquired by Ziprunner,like the sponsor ads system,entrecard credits cheap sales ,etc.And this time Entrecard is capping their members who have over 100K of entrecard credits(EC).

If you don't have 100K EC, just forget about it, but If you are those who able to save or earn and keep over 100,000 EC,you better find way to spend some of your EC and bring your EC below the 100,000 mark.You have less than 3 more weeks to spend your credits start from March 11, 2010.

You can use those EC to advertising on others entrecard member sites/blogs. You also can use those overload EC buy banners ads or Text Ads at Entrecard Marketplace .The "Market" is a standalone site and is not integrated with Entrecard. .

If there are really no quality blog to advertise om or ti not worth it,you also can list your credits for sale,you no one interested in buying back your EC. well then give it to me ;)

Remember,when March 31 comes along, all EC will be capped at 100K EC ,no matter how much EC you have,the maximum will only 100k (linked blogs combined)..Like it or not,you have no choice.And The marketplace statistic show that Looking to Buy Credits (0) Looking to Sell Credits (32) ..Seller is more then buyer,...Good luck.
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