What WE Can Do During A Flood

What Bangkok residents can do When it Flood
You probably heard Thailand's flooding has already inundated much of the city's northern and western suburbs. Thailand government is trying they best on repairing several ruptures in the city's flood barriers where water still is seeping through.

What Should YOU Do During a Flood?
IF you are in Thailand ,you might feel that the water are everywhere , however , residents should not be worry too much as the government or GOD will be able to fix the problems.

If you are one of the frustrated residents who remain deeply worry as the water continues to pour through their streets and into you homes,stop worry...go out to have some fun.Let's see what (crazy things)people CAN DO during the flood season.

Building up flood barriers

Taking HD photos and upload to Internet

Fishing On the Flood

Sleeping In Cool and Comfort Chair

Help save a pet's life!

Get Closer to Wild Life

Enjoy Skurfing AKA"surf-water-skiing", "surf-skateboarding".

Safety Fist

Advice From Drop iT 2 bLOG:You should be prepared to act quickly and get yourself to safety place during heavy rain and flood.

Fact:The flooding that began in July -Is the country's worst in 50 years - has already claimed more than 380 lives. The material losses are yet to be determined.

Image Sources: Internet (Xinhua/Reuters Photos)