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Top 4 Internet Browser Performance Update

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When did you start thinking Internet browser is important tool when you are surfing? critically about your browser? No,you don't, until you have try others,you might never know the differences and probably you never think you have the power to "surf differently".

Internet browser is the tool that you use everyday for surfing,online shopping, communication, and online entertainment. They can dramatically change the way you interact with the web.

There are few most frequently use web browsers choose by net users,these browser are Internet Explorer IE,Opera,FireFox,and chrome,I know there are lots more ,but this post will discuss only these four,below is quick review on each of them.
Let's find out what performance and other issues trouble us the most from these top four ?

Top Browser You Can Use -Review-

#1.Google Chrome
 Chrome is built upon Webkit (which is no slouch at HTML and CSS rendering), its V8 engine is just built fast. While it uses process separation and sand boxing, it is also very light (no bigger than Firefox to download).

The Chromium project (the open source version, that retains most of Chrome's advantages apart from phoning Google home and h.264 decoding) also makes it free software.Well,the down side is Google might be spying your browsing experience and let's face it, that might not be something you like..Privacy Policy

 Opera "The fastest browser on Earth. Surf the Web with lightning speed"

It probably the most rugged cross-platform browser out there.Bear in mind  Opera is able to run on Windows, Linux, Solaris, BSD and Mac OS X, with top notch security features which don't depend on the operating system that it’s running on.However, when it comes to actual page rendering and actual browsing,it could be different story.

What"web development"said about opera:

"Opera is the worst piece of browser on earth .A lot of pages look different, a lot of scripts will not run correctly, many XHTML/CSS/JS designer sites (many portfolios) will just not work like they were intended to. They have made some improvements lately, but they still have a long way to go."

I have no complain about opera,perhaps the only weak point and downside for me is it doesn't support "robot form plug-in",before firefox ,i was one of the opera fan,it has features that IE can't beat(at that time),mouse gesture,multi tabs,block image with one click,and many more.

Firefox is the second most widely used internet browser in the world..
Firefox pros: extensions,toolbar,theme, SEO checkup tool,CSS,java..
Firefox cons :Too MANY extensions,toolbar,theme, SEO checkup tool,CSS,java..
Those "things" will make your FF eat a lot of memory(RAM),i mean a lot........

#4.Internet Explorer(I.E)
Web devoloper and blogger use all difference kind of browser,they use Opera, Chrom,Safari,Advant,Maxthon,Flock,FireFox etc...and perhaps the only browser they actually didn't use is Internet Explorer.!!

You ask,Why is it still recorded of 60% of the net surfer using it ? Performance ain't the reason. The interface? Let's not go there. Packed features? A joke. Security? Chrome has it for lunch. Extensions? FireFox is so far above IE can't see it any more with a telescope. Interface? Yeah, right. Portability? It's Windows only. Developer tools? They are basically a rewrite of an older version of Firebug.(FireFox extension)

Well,honesty I still use IE sometime,especially when i reinstall my PC operating system,and yes the only internet browser that stand in front of my face after reinstalled the computer os is IE..The Window default browser power by Window Microsoft and default search engine is Bing(MSN)..I am just too lazy to install new browser so i use the default one..Anyway the latest version IE 8's overall performance has also been enhanced and improved,

There are people out there didn't care much about browser,In fact they are still people who think of a browser as the thing they click on to get to their email, or YouTube, or Google-ing.After all,not all people need to be "tech-savvy"when surfing the Internet,we can deny the fact that there are still people who don't know what a browser is and how it works, or we can do something about that.

Know that you have others options when it come to choosing your Internet browser that would suit your need best.

Why We Should install more that one browser? 
Some website content are accessible to certain browser,you need different browser to display the content,for example some major sporting event or music concert streamed are in HTML5 video format,to make people realize that the browser they use really DOES make a difference.

Check out this short HTML5 video, with Chrome 3 or Safari

Now, try to watch it with IE 8. You can't.
Now install the Google Chrome Frame plug-in for IE8 ; try to watch it. You can!*

 Safari 4(based on Webkit) has a plain C++ interface,it's indeed an excellent and quite fast loading web browser for the Mac operating system, but for other platforms such as Windows,you got to be try it for yourself..

For Live Update on the browser market share check out the latest update on net application browser market share.

What's your browser of choice,Are you the one who still use Window default browser I.E. Internet Explorer?You might chose Chrome for speed and IE for stability or Firefox for its extensions.No matter what browser you are choosing,they must be some pros and cons,you just need to choose the one that what work best for you.

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Best Mobiles View said...

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Caleb aka Weez said...

Firefox rules and IE is for those who are not involved or have no knowledge of internet related industries like internet marketing,blogging,web development, etc.

Google chrome looked good but I found it to be slow!

And I do use both Firefox and IE, but I only use IE because I need to see what my posts and affiliate landing pages look like in the browser the average person uses.

Firefox's plugins are just cannot be beat. I especially like the Cool Previews plugin that allows you to se sites before actually clicking on their links and Fireshot plugin lets you do screen captures for free without having to spend ubsurd amounts of money for software like camtasia ;)

R.O.M.E.L.O. said...

My Top 4 would be like this:

1. Firefox
2. Chrome
3. Opera
4. Internet Explorer

But that's just me. :)

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