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Mars Rover Coverage

[Image]Why can't people do a proper job...

You know what is Land Rover,you probably have one parked at your front yard.How about Mars lover?What you know about Mars Rover?And those who working on it?

A Mars rover is an automated motor vehicle which propels itself across the surface of the planet Mars after landing.(WIKI).Doesn't It look similar to WALL-E ?a computer-animated robot comedy by Pixar.

Latest news regarding Mars Rover
After years in design and construction, the grandly named Mars Science Laboratory was ready to test its wheels on a 20-degree flagstone slope in the "Mars Yard" at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Canada Flintridge, Calif. "Opportunity took 83 seconds to cover the 10 feet to the dark floor of the 72-foot-wide crater where it landed."“That was probably the scariest part of the drive we’ll have on Mars,”said mission manager Jim Erickson, adding there were no spotters on the planet to catch the rover if it stoppled, as there had been during tests on Earth.

NASA Says A Final Goodbye To Plucky Mars Rover‎
This was the last panorama Spirit transmitted to Earth, on its 2,175th sol on Mars. (A sol is a Martian day, and it is 3 percent longer than an Earth day.

These are real photos taken from Mars Rover on board camera

Parting shots from a Mars rover‎ -

Twin Peaks at their peak.The Pathfinder probe focuses on Twin Peaks, two hills of modest height on the Martian horizon. Each peak rises about 100 feet above the surrounding rock-littered terrain.

Blue horizon(click to enlarge) A Martian sunset reverses the colors you'd expect on Earth: Most of the sky is colored by reddish dust hanging in the atmosphere, but the scattering of light creates a blue halo around the sun itself.Camera Duo on Mars Rover Mast Will Shoot Color Views‎

Mars in the round(click to enlarge)A 360-degree panorama shows a stretched-out view of NASA's Spirit rover and its surroundings on the summit of Husband Hill, within Mars' Gusev Crater. The imagery for the panorama was acquired in August, and the picture was released on Dec. 5.

Photo credits:Nasa/JPL/Cornell
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