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aMy blog post"Bearable crap Entrecard".I talked about what things I never do on my site to ensure the quality and user experience of this site.
How to tell the difference between authentic (pro) and variant (crap)?
Do you agree if all the entrecard member blogs follow the"Entrecard's Blog Quality Standard". It shouldn't be any crap Entrecard's in Entrecard network?
Like most others Entrecard users I almost forgot Entrecard do have something call "Blog Quality Standards".and when there are no enforcement around,crap moves in..I think currently,the most important things they (Entrecard) are interested and concerned is to how to make more money from Ads..
Entrecard's Blog Quality Standard: (part)
  • Minimum 5 posts: Blogs with no posts, or less than 5 quality posts written within the last 3 months, will be removed.
  •  Content must be original: Reproduced content does not provide the specific qualities we are looking for in the Entrecard network. This includes both sites that use legitimate reprintable content such as “free articles”, abstracts and public domain content as well as illegitimate, illegal content such as stolen content or scraped feeds. Duplicate content, such as posts that appear on two or more blogs belonging to the same person is also unacceptable
  •  No full-screen ads or popups: Blogs that include full-screen ads or popups will be removed. This includes any popup window that appears when the site has finished loading or when clicking to view an article. It is OK for links to display a popup window if the user clicks a link, e.g. FeedBurner email subscription, but popup ads or forceful messages asking people to subscribe without clicking anything are intrusive and therefore not allowed.
Perhaps you have laugh/shock at this point because you have violate the rule that you not aware. well we've not finished yet......
  • No illegal file downloads: Blogs that link to illegally shared files, such as music, movies or software, will be removed. By “illegal” we mean content that you do not have the right to distribute. Linking to free, legal music and software is permitted.
  • Entrecard widget must be present: Including the widget on your site is a requirement if you wish to participate in Entrecard.
  • No redirects: Sites that use a redirect (such as tinyurl links) as the URL on their account will be deleted.
  • No duplicate accounts: If you have more than one account for the same blog, the duplicate account will be deleted.
  • URLs must be valid: Sites with URLs that do not work or are wrongly typed will be deleted.
  • No autoplaying audio: This includes music that plays automatically when you visit the page, or short audio ads that come up unannounced.
  • Content must be recent: Sites that have not been updated in 3 months will be removed.
  • Sites that violate the above guidelines are fairly easy to spot. There are some additional requirements, many of which are subjective.
Additional#1. Sites that are not blogs, e.g. indexes, directories, forums, or stores. Note: In some cases a site may be allowed if it is not a blog. The site must have a blog attached to it that meets the rest of our Blog Quality Standards, and the Entrecard account must link to the blog rather than the site itself.

Additional#2. Sites where more than 50% of the content consists of paid posts, posts with links to online stores, or affiliate links. This quota is a total, so if you write less than 50% of each type of paid content but the overall paid content quota exceeds 50%, that is not permitted. Reviews are OK, but not if every post contains an affiliate link.s I mention earlier I try to go through all kinds of posts while dropping cards. It does slow me down .And It could be the reason why I couldn't drop more cards.I get caught up in some great blogs while I drop cards .

Hard to follow every rule?

It's fine if you don't update you blog too often (Like me)and you drop as many blog as you can without go through the contents.But You just can't heavily loader your blog with ads /popup window without concerning the quality of your blog .
It's well worth effort
As I mention earlier i always try to go through the entire posts while dropping cards. It does slow me down .And It could be the reason why I couldn't drop more cards.I get caught up in some great blogs while I drop cards .
Do you get the point? Whether you're Crab/Pro ,people will know.So pay attention on "Blog Quality Standards" and you'll be rewarded.
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